Risk Strategy

Develop a strategy that works for you

When we provide credit solutions, we provide expertise and knowledge that is not readily available from a traditional lending institution. We will work with you to develop a strategy for managing risk on farm that considers cash flow optimization, debt structure, production risk insurance optimization, and commodity pricing strategies.

We will work with you to develop a strategy for managing risk on farm that considers:

  • Cash flow optimization.
  • Debt structure.
  • Production risk insurance optimization.
  • Commodity pricing strategies.

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In-house expertise

As your partner, JGL Financial invests its time and resources in promoting the growth and success of your crop and livestock operation by providing personalized services and in-house expertise including:

Livestock Procurement

The JGL Livestock procurement team has grown to become one of the premiere order buying firms in North America. Our procurement, logistics, and accounting teams are in tune with the needs of beef producers.

Learn more about JGL Livestock.

Grain Procurement

The JGL Commodities team brings expertise in economic trends, market fluctuations and unique opportunities for growers that are not readily available through a traditional line company.

Learn more about JGL Commodities.

Crop Inputs

Crop inputs including seed, nutrients, chemicals, bulk fertilizer, custom applications, petroleum, along with agronomic services are available through Hawk’s Agro, a JGL company.

Learn more about Hawk’s Agro.

Risk Management

Whether you’re a producer, distributor or an end-user of commodities, JGL Capital has the tools and expertise to help you hedge your risk and protect against price fluctuations while taking advantage of market opportunities.

Learn more about JGL Capital.

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