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Procurement Services

The JGL procurement team has grown to become one of the premiere order buying firms in North America, covering more major markets than any other agent in Canada. Our team – procurement, logistics, and accounting – is livestock savvy and knowledgeable about the everyday needs of beef producers.

Rancher Direct

JGL’s Rancher Direct marketing program puts you in control of your livestock marketing strategy. Our buying services include logistics coordination at the most competitive rates in the business. We will give you a price indication and advise on the best weight location for your calves.

US Cattle Exports

JGL Livestock is the top exporter of Canadian feeder cattle to the US. Our modern handling facilities provide optimal conditions for feeder cattle prior to export. Our processing facility and staff handle the export process in the most efficient manner. Cattle have ample time to feed and rest in our bedded pens prior to shipment.

Our Facility Offers

  • Modern & efficient receiving facility
  • Cattle weighed immediately off the truck
  • Cattle rest in bedded pens
  • 24/7 access to premium grass hay
  • Enhanced marketing options
  • Rancher Direct options
  • US exports
  • Prompt settlements


JGL Livestock

JGL Livestock is a dedicated service provider of the beef production sector with a passion for the growth and well being of the Canadian Cattle Industry.

Why Choose Us?

Livestock services that fit your needs

Our experienced buyers know where to find all types and quality of cattle including top quality ranch calves and yearlings. JGL’s extensive market coverage and feeder finance plan provides a large pool of available feeder cattle.

We insist on prompt movement and transportation of all cattle to their destinations. JGL’s handling facilities are modern, clean and efficient – our logistics personnel are experienced livestock people who know the importance of providing feed and water to cattle in transit, as well as proper health and processing protocol. When it comes to efficient delivery of your inventory – we are the best in the business.

We stand by our commitment to provide timely delivery of the type and quality of livestock that fit our customers’ needs.


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