Feeder Financing Program Regulations and Fees:

  •  Lending limits are structured to meet your business needs.
  • We track the performance of your cattle from the time they are purchased until they are sold.
  • Risk Management strategies available to maximize your return.
  • You control the marketing of your cattle. If you choose to list your cattle on an internet cattle auction (TEAM or DLMS) you will be required to use JGL as the listing agent. If another agent is used a $10.00 per head marketing fee will be applied.

Breeder Financing Program Regulations and Fees:

  • Deposit must be submitted before purchase. One year term – 10% deposit, Two and three year terms – 15% deposit, four and five year terms – 20% deposit.
  • Calves must be branded annually, BEFORE they go out to grass and inspected by a CCBC or JGL representative.
  • Payment will be made annually on either the due date or when the calves from the financed cows are sold, whichever occurs first.
  • Payment due dates: December 1st or June 1st annually.

Buying & Selling Requirements:

  • Purchasing may not take place until Finance application has been approved
  • All cattle must be branded with a CCBC registered brand.
  • If cattle are going to be fed in a custom feedlot or on lease pasture that is owned by someone else, CCBC must be notified and a lien waiver must be signed before cattle are purchased.
  • When selling financed cattle, a Manifest must be made out and faxed to “CCBC for your account”

Application Requirements:

  • A complete and signed application (business or individual).
  • Detailed up to date Net worth statement, signed and dated.
  • For a business application, we require a copy of the Incorporation certificate and annual Corporation Return, as well as the accountant prepared Financial Statements.
  • For an individual application, we require a copy of your driver’s license or and other picture identification for identification purposes.